Županja - Wilamowice gradovi partneri

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Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning”


Participation: The project involved 165 citizens, notably 30 participants from Gmina Wilamowice (Poland), 5 participants from Kisújszállás Város Önkormányzata (Hungary), 15 participants from Obec Horna Suca (Slovakia), 10 participants from Mestsky Urad Dolní Benesov (Czech Republic), 5 participants from Mesto Rajecké Teplice (Slovakia), 5 participants from Grad Zupanja (Croatia), 50 participants from Grad Klanjec (Croatia), 5 participants from Obec Kunerad (Slovakia) and 40 participants from City of Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Location/ Dates: The event took place in  Wilamowice (Poland), from  29/08/2019  to  02/09/2019.

Short description: 


The day of 29/08/2019 was dedicated to the arrival of participants. After that project activities was started – first topic was dedicated to the future of Europe, in the context of euroscepticism and growing uncertainty to the directions of development of the EU. During informal discussions about the future of Europe, young people discussed Brexit and its effects, the consequences of adopting common currencies for countries outside the Euro zone, globalization, and barriers to taking up work and education abroad. The issue of euroscepticism was another important topic of the day. During the debate and workshops, the concept of euroscepticism and its causes was defined, arguments used by eurosceptics and the consequences of widespread euroscepticism were discussed. The correctness of their arguments was questioned, while pointing out that euroscepticism could become a positive impulse for the EU. During the day discussions about hatred, prejudice and racism that could lead to the destruction of ethnic minorities were also held. Great emphasis was placed on tolerance for cultural minorities and the valuable assets they bring. The day ended with a joint integration meeting.


The day of 30/08/2019 was dedicated to the search for effective methods of solving social problems in partner municipalities, visiting memorial places and analytical work of the Reflection Group. On this day, the first of three round tables took place on the topic of solving social problems such as migration, unemployment and social support of marginalized groups. As part of the discussion, individual experiences and examples of implemented solutions in the field of social policy were shared. During the day, the future of the EU was debated and the answer to the question of where the EU is going and what solutions should be adopted to increase the solidarity of the peoples of Europe. The topic of the future of the EU was also the subject of the conference. The conference discussed the past of countries before joining the EU. Examples of investments and tasks that have been accomplished in individual countries thanks to the support from the EU, as well as plans for the future connected with being an EU member were discussed. An important element of the day, which made a great impression on the participants of the visit, was visiting the memorial places - the Old Synagogue, the Museum of Jewish Culture.


The day of 31/08/2019 was dedicated to the further search for methods of solving social problems within the round table. The Reflection Group's work on the future of the European Union was also continued. The topic of the future of the EU also appeared in the discussion entitled “Getting to know the future of the EU, analyzing the present - the key to understanding the future of the EU”. A significant part of the day was workshops on methods of preparing plans, strategies and social development of communes. During the workshop the advantages of having a strategy, stages of its creation and development methodology were discussed. The Wilamowice Commune Development Strategy for 2016-2025 was presented as an example of a document whose content is influenced by the residents, thanks to which the development of the commune is consistent with the expectations and needs of the inhabitants of the Commune. Project participants also had the opportunity to visit the Auschwitz Museum - the remains of a former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp.


The day of 01/09/2019 was dedicated to summarizing meetings at the round table and collecting examples of successfully implemented solutions in the field of counteracting unemployment, migration and support for marginalized groups. There was also a meeting within the series of meetings of the Reflection Group. The day was also an opportunity to meet representatives of non-governmental institutions. As part of the meeting, representatives of these institutions were shown how to act effectively and how they can influence their environment thanks to the actions they take. During the day, talks were held about ways to protect ethnic minorities and integrate them into community life. On 1st September guests took part in the "Commune Harvest Festival in the Wilamowice Commune" during which they could present themselves to a wider community. The event was also an opportunity to learn about culture and tradition in the Wilamowice Commune.


The day of 02/09/2019 was dedicated to the preparation of the Reflection Group's recommendation on the future of the EU. During the day discussions were devoted to the topic of solidarity. The topic was manifested in the debate on actions aimed at rebuilding solidarity of EU countries. The solidarity of the countries in the opinion of project participants was indicated as a tool for reconstruction and development of the European project. The topic of young people's mobility also appeared in the discussion on the last day. During the discussion, the possibilities of the EU for young people were pointed out, on the example of Erasmus+ projects. The steps taken by the EU to implement the provisions of the European Youth Pact and the renewed Lisbon Strategy were also discussed. After spending the days together, it was time to say goodbye and leave.